Utah shook by 5.7-greatness earthquake that brought down coronavirus hotline

A 5.7-extent earthquake took out Utah’s state coronavirus hotline Wednesday when it struck outside Salt Lake City.

The tremor, which happened soon after 7 a.m., was the state’s biggest earthquake since 1992, Utah Emergency Management tweeted.

Because of the earthquake, and departures at the Department of Health call focuses, the state’s COVID-19 Information Line went down, the office tweeted.

A transitory data line was set up at 1-844-442-5224.

Furthermore, state wellbeing workers were exhorted not to answer to any division structures in the wake of the earthquake, the office said.

“Appraisals are being made and we will send another ready when structures are clear to be involved,” authorities said. “On the off chance that you are right now teleworking or working from home, if it’s not too much trouble keep on doing as such.”

There have been no reports of genuine wounds up until now, yet different structures have been harmed.

The Salt Lake City International Airport, found near the focal point, continued some harm and was closed down, representative Nancy Volmer told the Salt Lake Tribune.

“The air terminal is shut,” she said. “We are emptying travelers from terminals and concourses. We are putting them on transports to figure out where we can take them.”

An Angel Moroni statue at the Salt Lake Temple, a Mormon place of love, lost its trumpet, as indicated by the report.

What’s more, bits of the stone exterior disintegrated off another school, Silver Crest Elementary in Herriman, the paper announced.

“I know the exact opposite thing we need right presently is an earthquake, however here we are, and it seems like post-quake tremors are likely,” Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall tweeted. “The City is surveying the circumstance now and I’ll hover back with an update when I have it. Be sheltered.”




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